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Poki Monster & 7 Leaves. A Great Combo.

7 Leaves & Poki Monster

The Poki Monster of Tustin happens to be a few storefronts down from the Tustin 7 Leaves location. Naturally these go hand-in-hand, and make for a terrific meal.

Poke Bowl

Nhu’s regular sized Poke Bowl w/ Tuna, Salmon & all of the Toppings.

Poke, a raw fish salad, originated in Hawaii as an appetizer. Poke seems to have taken on popularity in the Southern California area. There are quite a few local options when it comes to Poke, however after trying many, Nhu & I have agreed that Poki Monster is our favorite by far. Offering heaping scoops of fresh sushi grade fish & seafood, choices between a base of white or brown rice, lettuce, or chips, and a great array of ‘sides’. If you haven’t had Poke before, you should definitely give it a try. Especially at Poki Monster of Tustin, while enjoying a thirst quenching coffee or tea from 7 Leaves.

7 Leaves Teas

Nhu’s Japanese Matcha Milk Tea & my Taro Milk Tea. Both ‘Easy Easy Sweet’ with Boba.


7 Leaves offers meticulously crafted coffee’s and teas. Most popularly the Milk Tea variations. If you’re like me, someone who prefers a less sweet beverage. 7 Leaves does offer both an ‘Easy Sweet’ & ‘Easy Easy Sweet’ option to customize the sweetness level. Check out the menu & find a location near you!

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