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Ice Blocking @ Balboa Park

Sledding in the summer? Impossible some would say. Ice Blocking breaks that mindset. For those not aware, Ice Blocking is more-or-less summertime sledding. Check out the video for a better understanding!

Dad & I racing down the hill @ Balboa Park

Dad & I racing to the bottom @ Balboa Park.

We searched 3 grocery stores, a Rite-Aid, and a liquor store before finding blocks at a local Ralph’s near the park (1030 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103). For $3.99 a piece, we had to get two to race. We found a nice hill near the Pepper Grove Park (32°43’42.0″N 117°08’53.3″W) that worked well and provided some speed. However, we did notice a faster looking hill on our way out that we look forward to trying our next time around.

Ice Blocking’s a blast on a warm summer’s day. Try it out!


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