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Kayaking | Newport Beach, CA

Got out on the water with my dad this past weekend while he was in town. We rented a couple single person kayak’s for a few hours, and paddled around the Newport Bay. Besides for the clouds, the weather was great. Not to mention the incredible houses & yachts along the water. Kept us dreaming about some lucky lotto #’s.

There wasn’t much boat traffic, which made for a smooth ride, especially in the inlets. I beached my kayak for a minute within an inlet we turned down to take a few pictures. Two hours on the boat was a great workout, and I look forward to taking Nhu out for an adventure soon!

We rented from Southwind Kayak and SUP Center in the Lower Newport Bay, under the PCH bridge. $14 per hour, per boat; with plenty of parking & boats waiting in the sand, ready to board.

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