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Victoria Beach | Laguna Beach, CA

Victoria Beach isn’t just another wonderful California beach. From the La Tour (also known as ‘Pirate Tower’), situated up against the cliffs, to the relaxing man-made tidal pool; this slice of paradise offers sunshine & fresh ocean breezes, with some added uniqueness. Tucked away from the typical traffic & crowds of Southern California, Victoria Beach resides at the bottom of a staircase, between the Pacific and a gated Laguna Beach neighborhood.

Hard to find at first, we ended up parking much further away than needed. After walking by numerous open spots, we definitely recommend parking along the Pacific Coast Highway, somewhere between Sunset Terrace, and Nyes Pl. The staircase is located just to the left of the Sunset Terrace & Victoria Dr. intersection.

According to numerous sources, La Tour was built in 1926 for the California State Senator William Edward Brown & his family. Built to provide the family access to the beach, a wooden staircase spirals from top to bottom, closed to the public at beach level by a locked metal gate.

The concrete ‘pool’ is also thought to have been built for the Senator. Now half filled by sand, the pool fills with water at high-tide, creating a calm atmosphere, protected from the strong ocean current. Although the beach seems hard to find, there were many enjoying all that Victoria Beach has to offer on a Saturday afternoon. As with most beaches & attractions in Southern California, weekday mornings tend to be the least crowded.

Go take a dip in this unique ocean-side pool, and a peak through the gates of a ‘Pirate Tower’.

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