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Orange County, California

The Rolly Poly Roll
O.C. Eats Orange County, California

Sake 2 Me Sushi

Alex & I have been back 4 times since discovering this wonderful sushi joint this year. Always for the all-you-can-eat. At $24 for dinner & $20 for lunch, you can’t go wrong. Lunch especially, as you can avoid the…

Boba Drinks
O.C. Eats Orange County, California

Roasting Water

Roasting Water serves smoothies, teas, & coffee’s along with perfectly crafted add-ons. “All of our drinks are made w/ natural fruits, none of that powdery nonsense.” – Roasting Water This sentence gives you a great idea of the quality ingredients…

Beef Bimbimbap
O.C. Eats Orange County, California

BCD Tofu House

We really enjoy Korean food. And BCD offers some incredible Korean food down in Irvine. Open 24 hours a day, if you’re ever hungry at 3am & don’t know where to eat, this is the place to be. The…

Oysters on the half shell
O.C. Eats Orange County, California

Fly N’ Fish Oyster Bar

Fly N’ Fish Oyster Bar of Newport Beach is located just a short stroll up beach from the Pier. A perfect spot to enjoy some freshly shucked oysters & a cup of  award-winning clam chowder, while gazing at sunsets over…

Kickin' Crab Combo #1
O.C. Eats Orange County, California

Kickin’ Crab

If you love seafood and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, then Kickin’ Crab is the place to go! Although there seem to be many options when it comes to cajun seafood restaurants in Southern California, Kickin’ Crab at the Irvine Center keeps us…

Orange Hill Patio
O.C. Eats Orange County, California

Orange Hill Restaurant

I wanted to find a nice restaurant to take Alex to for brunch for his Birthday recently. Orange Hill Restaurant is known for their incredible views of the city, and definitely lives up to the expectation! With the exception…

Luna Rice Cakes
O.C. Eats Orange County, California


Growing up in a Vietnamese household, my mom has always made delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Since moving to California though, I’d been seriously missing those amazing, home-cooked, traditional Vietnamese meals. Alex and I started looking for restaurant in the area immediately…